November 29, 2007

BluBoy Sightings: Journey Cow



Mike Maihack, Writer/Creator/Artist of Cow & Buffalo comics is running a series in which Cow has teleported himself out into the WWW! Below is my contribution to the series.

See the Cow Tracker here.

Now found in Cow&Buffalo Book 2! Pick up a copy HERE!

BluBoy Commission: FANTA Comics


Comic commission for DeviantART.
This is a comic advert based on the characters for FANTA, Todd and Kobe. An online campaign only.

This was the teaser:

This was an original storyboard:

September 12, 2007

BluBoy Sketches: Oblivious


This was just a quick sketch in illustrator of BluBoy merrily wandering around the cemetery. Meanwhile death is slowly creeping up to him. I know, it's really rough...

This image later became my Confronting Death illustration.

August 13, 2007

BluBoy Daily: Change



I've always hated change. I avoid it like the plague, which can at times come back to haunt me. Change has always been hard for me to cope with. Moving to a new city, school, house. Changing myself, bad habits to even as small as changing my avatar... I've been through a lot of change good and bad. And yet change is a part of life and is usually a good thing. But why do I fear it so much?

So here is Zoe knowing a change is needed to purhaps get Whispers attention or simply move on. But what he thinks he sees scares him.

New Order - Your silent face Link

BluBoy Daily: Suicide



This subject matter is an obvious topic to make its way into the BluBoy series and was only a matter time before it showed up...

I happened to be at a cemetery when this strip idea came to mind, not the character. My wife has been talking to me recently about an individual she knew growing up that has committed suicide. She just happened to stumble upon this persons grave in this cemetery. She later found out more about this persons death. I don't know all the details but it was bad. Normally I feel such pity for those I read about who take their own lives. Such a sad state of mind. But this story shocked me a little further. And also reminded me about those high school shootings. It made me think about what this spirit would be like, and what if they ran into Blu...

Some spirits in Blu's universe are simply too messed up for even BluBoy to tame. Suicide is not an evil spirit, but sits on the boarder of good and evil, which is why he is grey. Suicide not matter what or how it happens, the person causes enormous hurt to all those around. Even in the spirit world...

So if this really harsh. I don't mean it to be. Just maybe an eye opener... as with most of my comics...

The Cure - To the sky Link

May 23, 2007

Other: HoroScope...

bluboy comics by ryan spencer


I was attracted to this Issue of ECHO, a small weekly published newsprint magazine. For obvious reasons... And decided to check out my Horoscope and thought it really related to me and my comic aspirations.

Other: Inspiration Comes from the Heart

bluboy comics by ryan spencer


This is a little tribute to Jeremy The Bear. Or also known as Colargol or Barnaby.

This show and character has so inspired my BluBoy Comics. And is one that has really made the most impact on me and what I feel when writing for BluBoy. It's theme of a cute, innocent little character doing his best to help his friends and is always in search of something greater than himself I find so fun and fascinating to watch...

My favourite episodes of the series is when he looses his whistle and cannot sing anymore. I just love him!!!

February 26, 2007

Bluboy: Daily - A Bad Day



I really love, Sweet Song by Blur. It inspired this comic.
The comic is about a feeling of loss or of missing someone when you need them the most.

Blur - Sweet Song Link

February 20, 2007

BluBoy Sketches: Reflections of Reality - A Tragic Soul

Tribute to Ian Curtis
what he would look like in Bluboy's realm:



As you can see this entry is about Joy Division! Mainly that of Singer/Song Writter Ian Curtis. The master of dark emotion (A new term I came up with... Not sure if it makes sense).

I was just being inspired by the life of Ian Curtis, lead singer of Joy Division. Who later form one of my favourite bands New Order.

Ian's music and lyrics are just so touching and inspiring. His themes of isolation and self-hate I find I'm drawn to. And is now, since his suicide, his music is much more full of questions and/or answers to his pain and suffering or to his observations of life and love. Which to me are also what drive my comics and my characters. Since the creation of my comic, I have been looking outside to other artists that I find who are exploring the world and similar questions as I am. Maybe more so for confirmation that I myself am not alone in my art. My comic was developed to try and maybe answer for me what an afterlife may be in contrast to our reality. It was created from sorrow within me and from life altering events I've experienced. Bluboy became the image of my hurt to ease my feelings of loneliness. Sometimes the hurt can give you strength and that facing it head on and not hiding from it can also give you that strength. Bluboy became my own way of soul searching and exploring the world's question of life and death.

As I see Ian has done with his music and in even what drove him in his life. It is these deep and sometimes harsh issues that seem to interest us all in some way. I like to look at the sadness in a happy light. Which is why my comic looks the way it does. I like to play with these emotions that I guess we all fight with at some point in our lives. Some more than others.

I did this little montage of images of Ian. I find such peace and strength when looking at these pictures, knowing I'm not alone in my hurt. It's so interesting to look at these photos and to see the life in his eyes, that are now... gone. And leaves you wondering why. It's a similar experience I try to achieve with my comics. Not all the time, but in some small way. To be on the outside looking in is where we wish we can all be. But are not...

Joy Division LINK --> More

January 03, 2007

Other: A personal note

Trying to sort out what items I put up in my BluBLOG...

This is more of a personal piece of information. Though as some of you know I love music, it plays a big role in my comics as inspiration or a referrences to the mood or background.

I just recently found Mat Flint on myspace and he has been kind enough to respond to my messages. Mat was the lead vocalist of an earlier 90's band from the UK, Revolver. If you love the Shoegazing geonra as much as I do you should take a listen to them. Mat is now apart of a new band called The Deep Cut another great sounding band. Thanks Mat!!!

cover cover

Revolver Biography: See Here.
Mat's MySpace: See Here.
DeepCut on MySpace: See Here.