January 03, 2007

Other: A personal note

Trying to sort out what items I put up in my BluBLOG...

This is more of a personal piece of information. Though as some of you know I love music, it plays a big role in my comics as inspiration or a referrences to the mood or background.

I just recently found Mat Flint on myspace and he has been kind enough to respond to my messages. Mat was the lead vocalist of an earlier 90's band from the UK, Revolver. If you love the Shoegazing geonra as much as I do you should take a listen to them. Mat is now apart of a new band called The Deep Cut another great sounding band. Thanks Mat!!!

cover cover

Revolver Biography: See Here.
Mat's MySpace: See Here.
DeepCut on MySpace: See Here.

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James said...

Here's hoping for an exciting 2007 for BluBoy!