March 31, 2008


Bluboy Comics by Ryan Spencer


BluBoy is a lonely ghost trying to make his way through the Afterlife, simply hoping to find a friend wherever or with whomever he can. His best friend, or so he thinks, is a spider he calls Cedric. Despite his feelings of loneliness and melancholy, BluBoy possesses a naive, undying will to find his place in the Afterlife and even one day peace. Through his journey, BluBoy becomes a special spirit who ends up helping other lost souls, thereby becoming an angel of sorts. Death is always lurking in the shadows, rejected for his frightful appearance, hoping to show BluBoy the way. Wandering through the cemetery, BluBoy meets all kinds of strange spirits and critters... in the spirit realm anything can happen.

This is a comic strip about the everyday afterlife of BluBoy.

These are the stories behind the stories... of a legend.

This is a tale of an angelic soul. The story of innocence becoming greatness. A spirit lost in a world of fear and sadness. An angel in the spirit realm whose love for others and determination grants him this high regard. Who helps and shares his hope to those that have lost theirs. Helping these souls find their way out of a limbo to that doorway home.

These are are the tales of an afterlife, a spirit they call BluBoy...


Orbs: There are different types of orbs, found in most haunted areas or cemeteries. Some, unseen to the naked eye, captured on film. Others bright shining orbs seen quickly floating by appearing and disappearing. They are thought to be the energies of a human spirit and are said to be seen before a manifestation. Blue orbs are said to be that of a good spirit, a red orb is said to be that of an evil one.

Indian Legend: I heard, in a documentary, of an Indian Legend about Blue orbs seen by gravesites and cemeteries. They say these are of a special spirit that help those recently passed find there way out of limbo. This was interesting to me because I didn't here about this legend until recently. This was exactly what I was seeing BluBoy becoming, a helpful spirit to the lost souls he would come across in his cemetery.

Blue Boy (or Radiant Boy): Link In Chillingham Castle England, there is a famous ghost sighting of what they call the Blue Boy or Radiant Boy. Coming from a room in the castle crying and moaning on occasion could be heard from behind the fireplace or within the walls. At night a bright light of blue could be seen and sometimes a vision of a boy dressed in blue clothing. In the 1920's within a wall of the room, renovations were done. Behind the wall a skeleton of a boy was found alongside a skeleton of an older man. Also some blue material was found. I recall a documentary that mentioned the boys fingers were worn down as if trying to scratch his way out, also suggesting being buried alive.

Book for the Dead: The real Book(s) of the Dead. BluBoy's Book for the Dead is a spirit Book that can speak to BluBoy, acting as his spirit guide. Being a moody book, he doesn't do a whole lot to help him. The fact that BluBoy doesn't read very well also doesn't help.