December 11, 2009

BluBoy: Project - Haberdashery

Bluboy Comics by Ryan Spencer


Commissioned artwork for Haberdashery's Christmas EP.
Artwork available for download as well as a T-Shirt supporting the project!


T-Shirt here

HABERDASHERY - Carol of the bells:

November 19, 2009

BluBoy: Daily - Lonesome

Bluboy Comics by Ryan Spencer


Emotions I feel are what makes us tick... We react based on how we feel.
They are, I think, what we define in someone as being "lively". So are our emotions make us more alive inside to ourselves and to others?

There are polar opposites, people with too much emotion, or no emotion. Which is worse I've been wondering. Though the later perhaps hiding their emotions internally. Though we all go through phases or crisises in life inwhich cause us to react more or less.

I've being struggling with my emotions lately and at some points I guess found myself turning them off.

Wiki Link: Link

New Order - Lonesome Tonight Link

September 30, 2009

BluBoy: Daily - Insignificant

Bluboy Comics by Ryan Spencer


I like adding this dimension to BluBoy's character.
He's a little narcissistic when it comes to his feelings around others.
The song below I feel is about the Tiny Toy singing about BluBoy...
They both need each other, but the one is too caught up in himself to see it.


ZAZZLE T-Shirt for Sale! "Insignificant" - SEE HERE

A first in the way of selling BluBoy merchandise online. The shirt above is a direct promo to this comic.
Not sure how long I'll keep the store open.

Micheal Jackson - Ben

September 18, 2009

Projects: JelloBOY

Bluboy Comics by Ryan Spencer


I had some fun developing some Characters for Jello. This was one of them that would find himself on a 3 pack for a lineup for Walmart stores only.

Colouring was done by Andrew Plewes. See his online work here: LINK

July 24, 2009

BluBoy: Daily - Pondering

Bluboy Comics by Ryan Spencer


Nothing much to say here...

Red House Painters - Cabezon Link

June 03, 2009

BluBoy: Daily - If Time Stood Still

Bluboy Comics by Ryan Spencer


Hoping and waiting for better days to come...

But not wanting to move forward from the comfort of today for fear of what tomorrow will bring.

Pale Saints - Neverending Night Link

April 09, 2009

BluBoy: Paper Craft

bluboy comics by ryan spencer


Build your own BluBoy PaperCraft Doll!
Just follow these steps:

1/ Download the 3 dieline images
2/ Print each one out on white paper on 8.5x11 size paper
3/ Carefully cut out each piece.
4/ Skor lightly all the glue flaps and fold them
5/ Glue each piece together. See your local arts and craft shop for a glue pen.
6/ Glue the feet to the body and glue the arms to the body. Glue the hair curl on the head. then sit the head onto the body and done!


March 09, 2009

Bluboy: Publication - Doorways

bluboy comics by ryan spencer


BluBoy's first publication!
This is a cover I proposed. But it was turned down.

Featuring a 4 page spread. 3 comic pages and an interview by Ken Lillie-Paetz.

bluboy comics by ryan spencer

bluboy comics by ryan spencer

Stephen Pearlman of Haberdashery has allowed his track "The Greatest Heights (Darkest Night Mix)" to be used as the soundtrack to this 3 page series.
And for download! See Here: LINK

February 17, 2009

BluBoy's Soul Searching

Bluboy Comics by Ryan Spencer


So I've decide to open up the Soul Searching series to everyone!

Any of you who want to enter themselves into a BluBoy Strip, Just copy and fill out the interview below.
Then email it to me HERE.

I will save it down, and randomly choose one to illustrate as a character into BluBoy's world.
I will get to each one, it just may take me some time to enter all of you.



1/ Explain why you chose your online User Name (what it means or references to, or a nickname)?

2/ What or Where would you haunt, if you were a Lost Soul and why (like a favourite object)?

3/ How would you describe yourself, shy or an outgoing person?

4/ Your favourite hobby or activity?

5/ Favourite colour, and why?

6/ Role in your family (youngest/oldest/no siblings)?

7/ A favourite hobby or activity?

8/ Any pets, a lost or missed pet?

9/ What have you lost in life you wish you had back?

PS. You don't need to answer all of these questions, but it might help.

January 20, 2009

BluBoy: Daily - Blue Monday Again

Bluboy Comics by Ryan Spencer


Blu hoping to see his friend the Blue Bird.

Blue Monday: Link

Strawberry Switchblade - Another Day Link

January 14, 2009

Bluboy: Daily - Being Afraid

Bluboy Comics by Ryan Spencer


Tidbit. A tiny little spirit with a fear and anxiety of, well everything. Except when it comes to BluBoy.
Tidbit being small and insecure, has basically a phobia of everything.

Phobia: Wikipedia

Strawberry Switchblade - Trees and Flowers Link

January 08, 2009

BluBoy: Daily - Music Soothes the Soul

Bluboy Comics by Ryan Spencer


Just another bad day... And no music.