February 17, 2009

BluBoy's Soul Searching

Bluboy Comics by Ryan Spencer


So I've decide to open up the Soul Searching series to everyone!

Any of you who want to enter themselves into a BluBoy Strip, Just copy and fill out the interview below.
Then email it to me HERE.

I will save it down, and randomly choose one to illustrate as a character into BluBoy's world.
I will get to each one, it just may take me some time to enter all of you.



1/ Explain why you chose your online User Name (what it means or references to, or a nickname)?

2/ What or Where would you haunt, if you were a Lost Soul and why (like a favourite object)?

3/ How would you describe yourself, shy or an outgoing person?

4/ Your favourite hobby or activity?

5/ Favourite colour, and why?

6/ Role in your family (youngest/oldest/no siblings)?

7/ A favourite hobby or activity?

8/ Any pets, a lost or missed pet?

9/ What have you lost in life you wish you had back?

PS. You don't need to answer all of these questions, but it might help.

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BluBoy Comics by Ryan Spencer said...

Issue 8 has now been sighted at Chapters. Yay!