December 08, 2008

Bluboy: Daily - First Impressions

Bluboy Comics by Ryan Spencer


This was my very first BluBoy comic. I just updated it into the 3 panel format and retouched the art a bit...

BluBoy was first sketched after riding on the Subway home from work, back in October of 2004.
I was feeling lonely and saddened by my Father-In-Law's passing, so I created Blu.
My own best friend.

NOTE: updated my comment here... I'm lazy, and didn't expand on my thoughts. Sorry everyone.

Red House Painters - Over my head Link


Josh of Pixelton said...

Hi Ryan,

Thanks so much for your kind words. I dedicated today's comic to you with a link. Once I hop into my template I'll add one in my sidebar to spread the Bluboy love.

Keep up the great work!
- Josh

nellita said...

I love this!!!!!;)

Kuri said...

I have to say that Blu managed to be that, a friend :) seeing him tends to make me smile even though he's sad on most comics. I don't really get why, but it happens...

Also, I had no idea that Blu was 4 years old already! that's a lot of time. Well time goes by so fast at times that you don't even notice.

(I love the layout of your blog, by the way. haha...)