December 12, 2008

Bluboy: Daily - The Barn Owl

Bluboy Comics by Ryan Spencer


PS. some of have been noticing these are old strips. I am just slowly bringing eveything over into the BluBLOG.

A strip introducing a new background character.
(Lots of bird keep showing up in my comics... hmm, Not really sure why...)

The Barn Owl is a freaky looking bird. It has always given me the creeps. But is actually quiet a beautiful bird. So in saying that, this creature fits perfectly in Blu's world. This owl, being dead and a spirit, can see Bluboy. As do the Crows. The other aspect I like about this owl is it's Heart Shaped face. Which gives it such a unique look but also ties into the themes of relationships and heartache. A neat symbol for that...

Just another insecurity of blu's. At least Blu can admit it, he's not very smart. He sees a quality in the owl that he hopes to achieve or if not at least look to for guidance. For himself or for those that come to him for help....


Depeche Mode - Sometimes (No video for it) Link

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