March 25, 2011

Diary: BabyBlu - New Life

bluboy comics by ryan spencer


Introducing BabyBlu!
Just looking at a new story line.

Starting to get back into my BluBoy world again. Looking at further developing my process and structure.
Hoping to get producing a bunch of new things and ideas.

Thank you to those who have continued in support and thoughts.



Nathan said...

Thank you! I was about 13 when I discovered Bluboy and 6-7 years later, here I am :D

You were very nice when I spoke to you last and I asked you for an orange character. haha

BluBoy Comics by Ryan Spencer said...

Aww Thanks Nathan, yes I remember that... Hee hee

I hope to get Bluboy Started up again at some point. Ashame to keep him in Limbo for so long. LOL

But it's comments like yours that do help. Thanks.